Writing Job Tests

Employers use a combination of work samples, content writing, and English proficiency tests to find dependable and qualified content writers. Strong content writing candidates balance basic and complex writing skills with the ability to quickly produce quality content.

Popular Writing Assessments

English Proficiency Test

The English Proficiency Exam tests candidates on their ability to understand and correct basic English sentences. Employers also have the option of providing an American Idioms assessment to their candidates that tests how well candidates can understand.

Work Samples

Employers are often in the search of candidates with a demonstrated experience in writing. Our system asks candidates to upload some of their best work and allows employers to gain a real insight into how well the candidate’s style fits into what they’re looking for. Work samples are not automatically graded and instead come with a set of dimensions that reviewers can use to determine how well candidates performed in the past.

Content Writing Test

The Content Writing test measures a candidate’s ability to write copy and content for a subject they might be unfamiliar with. We provide sources and requested information and ask the candidate to produce content in a timed environment.

Problem Solving

The Problem Solving exams determine how well a candidate can problem solve in a given period of time. The tests can range from simple to complex, depending on your organization’s needs.


Writing Job Skills

Strong candidates are able to balance basic job knowledge with the cognitive ability to be able to quickly understand new job-specific training. The ideal candidates also show markers of a dependable future employee by an increased attention to detail. Many employers use these dimensions to find and determine who their best candidates are.

English Proficiency

Candidates interested in content writing positions should have a strong understanding of English spelling and grammar rules. Content is often produced quickly and employers need to feel that they can trust the content that their writers are producing, without having to proofread the content on their own time. Writers should be able to provide previous successful works and should be able to proofread their own work.

Attention to detail

Part of writing content is proofreading your own content, which candidates should be able to handle. Many of our assessments assess how well candidates pay attention to detail whether that’s in the form of following simple rules, or looking for egregious errors in a piece of content. Attention to detail is an important trait to have in many roles, but especially in roles where missing a word can ruin a sentence.

Client Focused

Clients can sometimes change their mind about a project that they had insisted on previously. They also sometimes decide they don’t want something that they had championed for in the beginning. Either way, candidates should understand the importance of being client focused. If clients ask for changes, ideal employees should do their best to accommodate those changes. Clear and effective communication is key to establishing and maintaining great relationships with employers and clients and should always be practiced.

Able to handle feedback

Ideal candidates are no stranger to having their work critiqued and having to rewrite content they previously assumed was great. In any case, being able to handle critique in a positive manner is important in any content writer. Candidates who express frustration and irritation when faced with critique often perform poorly in environments where critique is always in play.


Deadlines and promises are prevalent in writing positions and as such need to be clearly communicated and respected. Failing to keep up with deadlines can seriously deteriorate relationships between writers and their employers. Candidates who excel as writers are excellent communicators and organize their time diligently. Writers are also expected to maintain quality control when producing content and should be able to consistently produce quality work.

Job Duties

Employers in search of candidates with excellent writing skills use Indeed Assessments  to assist in their search. Content writers are responsible for creating the content that will be both external and internal for the company. The specific content they’re responsible for can range wildly, so great writers are often expected to have excellent research capabilities.

Alongside researching, many content writers are responsible for proofreading and editing their own content. Companies interested in outsourcing content writers place a great emphasis on their employees having a comprehensive grasp of the English language, including the grammar rules. Candidates who have excellent spelling, but poor grammar skills generally are not considered further along in the vetting process. A command of the English language (spelling, grammar, and construction) is highly sought after for content writers.

Copywriters and content writers are also generally responsible for identifying what content their audience would like to see and for paying attention to what the client wants. If the content is being outsourced, paying attention to the client’s needs and expectations is extremely important. Strict adherence to deadlines and open communication skills are vital to a successful content writer.