Legal Job Tests

Professional services companies can find it difficult to attract and keep the most reliable and talented staff. Many accounting and legal firms depend on job assessments to help the select clerical help, assistants, and receptions. Interviewed can help sift through large candidate pools by shortening hiring cycles and selecting the most productive and qualified employees.

Legal Assessments

Math Proficiency Exam

The Math Proficiency Exam tests candidates on their ability to perform basic and complex math functions in both technical and real world scenarios. Candidates who excel in these assessments often perform well in their roles in accounting and legal firms. This assessments usually takes 9 minutes to complete and has an average score of 4.5 out of 10. The top 10% of candidates score 7 out of 10 and complete the test in under 6 minutes.

Handle an Incoming Call

Since handling incoming calls can be part of many roles in legal and accounting firms, our customers find value in testing their candidate’s ability to handle calls. The calls test a candidate’s ability to empathize with customers, understand the issue, and provide a resolution. This assessment typically takes 9 minutes to complete and has an average score of 2 out of 5. The top 10% of candidates score 4 out of 5 and complete the test in around 6 minutes.

Scheduling Simulation

The Scheduling Simulation measures a candidate’s ability to schedule meetings between a group of busy individuals. It also tests the candidate’s ability to research time conversions and perform basic math to select the appropriate meeting time. The Scheduling Simulation typically takes 15 minutes to complete and has an average score of 4 out of 11. The top 10% of candidates score 8 out of 11 and typically complete the assessment in around 9 minutes.

Cognitive Ability Exam

The Cognitive Ability exams determine how well a candidate can problem solve in a given period of time. The exams assess logic, quantitative, and spatial reasoning and have a range of difficulties. The Cognitive Ability Test is generally completed in 12 minutes with an average score of 4 out of 10. The top 10% of candidates score 6.5 out of 10 and complete the test in under 8 minutes.

Legal Job Skills

Strong candidates are able to balance basic job knowledge with the cognitive ability to be able to quickly understand new job-specific training. The ideal candidates also show markers of a dependable future employee by an increased attention to detail. Many employers use these dimensions to find and determine who their best candidates are.

Math Proficiency

For companies hiring in the clerical and accounting roles, math proficiency is a must in their top candidates. Our assessments test candidates on their basic and complex math skills in a standardized environment to assess how well candidates will perform once hired for the role. We also place candidates in real-world scenarios that ask them to apply their set of math skills to the situation.

Customer Service Aptitude

Often times paralegals and receptionists will interface directly with clients and lawyers. Candidates who demonstrate a strong understanding a proficiency in customer service often perform well in the role once hired. Our assessments place candidates in both light and stressful situations to determine how well they can assist customers in different environments.

Strong Job Knowledge

A strong background in the legal field makes for an easier transition into different roles within the field. Our assessments test candidates on their current knowledge of the field to determine how well they’ve kept up to date with current policies and practices. We also ask candidates for an overview of their background in the field to get a better understanding of what they can bring to your company.

Attention to detail

Candidates who succeed at paying attention to detail in critical and non-critical environments tend to excel in their roles, especially if the roles are clerical in nature. Often times clerical assistants, legal assistants, paralegals, and receptionists will be tasked with handling a large amount of information and organizing that information. Handling case deadlines, court dates, client information, and more can be a stressful situation for those who aren’t well organized.

Writing Skills

Since a large part of a Sales Representative’s job revolves around communication through email, being able to craft a well-written email is important. Successful representatives are well-versed in proofreading their emails before sending them and have an understanding of what engaging content looks like at all stages of the sales cycle. Being able to communicate enthusiasm through text is a lot more difficult than it is in person (and it involves more than simply adding an exclamation point), so understanding the basics and intricacies of written communication is an essential skill for successful Sales Reps.

Job Duties

Employees in the legal and accounting industry are responsible for a wide range of tasks. Legal clerks will often be asked to hunt through a large number of files for specific information related to a case. They’ll be asked to maintain a methodical approach to the organization of all the firm’s files and must be diligent in maintaining a system with those files. Legal clerks assist judges in making critical decisions and so must maintain an ethical and responsible mindset at all times.

Paralegals assist lawyers in countless ways and are generally well educated in the field of law. Because of the highly-sensitive nature of their work, lawyers need paralegals that they are confident they can trust with delegated work. A background in law and thorough understanding of the specific field you’d like to work in within the law are both important factors when deciding which employer you’d like to work with. As with clerical assistants, a meticulous attention to detail can be the key in making a case.

Accounting firms fall into this category as they are often searching for candidates who follow the same lines as clerical clerks and paralegals. Employees in search of work in the accounting field should be well qualified and highly efficient in applying their knowledge to their practice. Strong understanding of current practices and high scores in math proficiency can go a long way in furthering your application.