Technology Job Tests

Tech companies from startups to giants trust Interviewed’s job assessments to help them hire the best talent. The four most common job roles are customer service, technical support, sales, and engineering.

Technology Industry Job Assessments

While the content varies dramatically, the overall structure of the assessments is the same: put candidates into realistic, open-ended job previews and ask them to handle the situation. For support representatives, this means communicating with in live phone calls or by email or chat to resolve their issues. For sales, it means identifying prospects, qualifying them, and closing the sale.

For engineers, we give candidates a sandbox with a real-world application that contains feature requests, bugs, and architectural issues. Candidates get to work in their favorite code editor with access to all the supporting tools they’re used to, like Stack Overflow, and build a complete solution. They even interact with live APIs.

Popular Assessments

Tech companies in search of multiple roles find success in identifying their best candidates when using Interviewed. Our assessments test candidates on a multitude of dimensions that companies find useful and valuable in predicting the success of their potential employees.

Customer Service Simulations

Employees with great customer service skills often excel in multiple roles in the tech industry. Candidates are asked to handle different customer service phone calls that place them in situations that tests how well they can handle stress. The simulation also tests a candidate’s ability to multitask (reconcile accounts and chat with the customer) even in stressful environments.

Chat Simulations

Looking for employees that can handle your long list of chat requests? Our chat simulations place candidates in a simulated chat environment that tests their speed, accuracy, and ability to thoroughly explain both technical and nontechnical issues. Candidates are also tested on aspects of their customer service aptitude through their interaction with the simulated customers which assists in identifying candidates that could excel in multiple roles.

Sales Calls

The tech industry is a booming environment that calls for high-energy sales representatives. Candidates who are excited about the product and environment generally perform well on sales calls, which employers are able to monitor through recordings. Our sales assessments help companies identify candidates who are able to deliver when interacting with potential clients.

Job Knowledge

Engineering candidates are tested on the strength and diversity of their tech background. Candidates are asked questions that allow employers to get a comprehensive insight into the candidate’s job history, engineering knowledge, and how well they can perform at assigned tasks.