Staffing & Outsourcing Job Tests

Use staffing job tests to find those highly productive candidates that will reliably delight your clients. The leading RPOs and staffing firms in the world trust Interviewed’s staffing job tests to help them hire candidates with the best skills and highest aptitude. Our customers use our staffing job tests to shorten time-to-hire, increase retention, and boost productivity.

Staffing & Outsourcing Industry Assessments

Most customers combine basic skills tests with work samples and job previews to ensure that new hires:

  • Understand the day-to-day reality of the job they’ve applied to
  • Have the skills to hit the ground running
  • Will be productive and happy over the long term

Popular Assessments

RPOs understand that finding reliable, happy, and efficient candidates can be tough. Employers who use Interviewed are able to find candidates with a solid background in the role they’re hiring for who understand the industry. Our assessments place candidates in simulated environments which help employers to understand how well the candidate will function if hired.

Customer Service

Candidates who have a demonstrated background in Customer Service excel at our customer service assessments and go on to impress employers with their productivity. RPOs in search of candidates who understand the general policies and processes of the outsourcing industry generally perform better once hired. Use our dynamic customer service assessments to find the best representatives possible.


Language barriers can often lead to difficult situations for all involved. Candidates are asked simple proofreading questions and are tested on their knowledge of English & American idioms to assess the depth of their knowledge in that area. This assists in finding candidates who will be able to fully understand the issues they are faced with and will be well-equipped to handle whatever is thrown their way.

Problem Solving

Working remotely can sometimes be tricky if a candidate is unable to figure out issues independently. Our assessments assist in finding candidates who do well in stressful situations and are able to use the tools available to them to solve issues. Identifying key problems, understanding the supporting documentation, and coming up with solutions are key to succeeding in many of the roles RPOs are looking to fill.

Video Interviews

Getting to know a candidates can often assist in identifying whether or not a candidate is a great fit for your company’s culture. Our video interviews allow you to ask candidates questions that you’d ask in traditional interview settings. You also have the option of recording and creating your own set of video interview questions to better identify candidates that fit your needs.