Retail Job Tests

Hire more reliable, effective retail employees. Retailers use job tests to cut turnover and increase the effectiveness of their hires. Whether picking sales associates or store managers, retail businesses benefit from using a structured approach to hiring.

Retail Assessments

Applicants who demonstrate strong basic skills are more likely to succeed in training, achiever higher productivity, and stay at the company longer. Personality tests let retails screen for sales representatives who balance salesmanship with a customer service orientation. Some employers also use honesty and integrity tests to find trustworthy employees who are less likely to engage in theft and other misbehavior.

Popular Assessments

Companies in retail understand the importance of high-energy, motivated, and engaged workers — especially during the holiday seasons. Retail employers are able to identify candidates with a solid background in customer service who enjoy the demands of working in retail. Our assessments allow companies to gain insight into how their candidates will perform in the various roles that retail has to offer.

Customer Service

It’s no surprise that retail workers should have great customer service aptitude. There are few jobs in the industry that don’t require directly interacting with customers and to do this properly requires a penchant for providing excellent customer service. Our assessments assist in finding candidates who enjoy customer service and excel at providing great service even in stressful situations.

Stress Management

Have you ever been at the mall during holiday season? Retail is a stressful industry that is only exacerbated by the holiday season. Retail workers that have a proven ability to remain calm under pressure often perform better than their counterparts who are unable to work in stressful situations. Many times workers will be bombarded with multiple questions, requests, and demands from their coworkers, management, and customers. Being able to operate under pressure is a major sticking point in the retail world.

Situational Awareness

Often times retail workers will have to operate at max efficiency in a busy, crowded, and stressful environment. Situational awareness plays a huge part in being able to effectively manage difficult situations. Candidates are tested on situational awareness in multiple assessments and will have the chance to demonstrate their ability to assess situations and determine ideal outcomes.

Individual vs. Team Identification

Retail workers are most efficient when they can effectively work as a team. Often times many retail workers will share the same role and responsibilities at different areas of the store. Candidates who express an interest and preference for working on a team tend to do better in retail positions. Those who prefer to go it alone are generally more fit for positions with an individual focus.