Restaurant Job Tests

Absenteeism and turnover is a constant struggle in the food service industry. Both fast-food and fine dining restaurants can use Interviewed’s job tests to solve those hiring challenges and in turn reduce turnover and increase revenue.

Restaurant Assessments

For servers and other front-of-house employees, tests of customer service orientation, workplace productiveness, and basic skills are invaluable. The tests allow employers to systematically identify candidates who are patient and helpful, even with difficult customers. By measuring attention to detail, communication skills, and numeracy, the tests assess job-readiness for workers and their likelihood of succeeding in training.

Popular Assessments

Businesses in the restaurant industry know the significance of excellent customer service and hospitality. Employers are able to find candidates with a genuine appreciation for providing top-notch customer service with the experience to back it up. Our simulations provide a real-world insight into how candidates will perform in the roles they’re being hired for.


Candidates who genuinely enjoy providing exceptional customer service often perform the best in hospitality roles. Employers can quickly identify candidates who understand the role, embrace the responsibilities, and have the emotional hardiness to withstand many potentially frustrating and stressful scenarios. Candidates are asked to complete simulations that can include phone calls, emails, and chats and are faced with unpredictable and sometimes frustrated customers. Employers will then be able to predict how candidates would perform in actual stressful scenarios and can make educational and informed decisions based off of the candidate’s performance.

Customer Service

Enjoying the basics of customer service is crucial to roles in the restaurant industry. Employees who understand that great customer service can make or break a positive customer experience will often excel in the restaurant industry. Simulations which test a candidate’s ability to remain calm in stressful situations provide a method for recruiters and hiring managers to identify which candidates will perform best in their roles.

Attention to Detail

Restaurants are often busy and stressful environments for everyone involved. Paying attention to detail is important in every role. Front of the house and back of the house, all employees need an exceptional attention to detail to make it through the day. Our assessments help to identify candidates who excel in areas that require paying attention to the small things that others might miss.

Interest in the Role

Restaurants are difficult businesses to keep from employee burnout which is why satisfaction and interest in the role is a key aspect to great candidates. Those who have no interest in staying in the business generally burnout faster than those who do. Our assessments assist in identifying candidates that will be happy in their position and will help companies reduce turnover.