Manufacturing Job Tests

Improve productivity by hiring the best. Manufacturing companies use job assessments to select employees with the abilities necessary for productivity in modern manufacturing.

Manufacturing Assessments

The most popular assessment is a mechanical aptitude test that applies to jobs that require equipment operation, maintenance, and repair. The mechanical aptitude assessment does not measure knowledge, but rather general mechanical aptitude. This predicts learning ability for equipment and machinery as well as the ability to put the knowledge to good use. Our assessments are available in multiple languages, including Spanish. Many companies also use a general job readiness test, when basic communications skills and mathematics are necessary. Interviewed’s personality, cognitive, and skills tests allow manufacturers to pick the hardest-working, most reliable candidates who maintain safety standards.

Popular Assessments

Companies in the manufacturing industry understand how important safety and attention to detail is for their employees. Employers are on the search for employees that can provide strong job knowledge and a dedicated eye for detail. Manufacturing companies use our assessments to assist in finding these ideal candidates.

Safety Knowledge & Process Adherence

Working in the manufacturing industry can be a dangerous choice of employment. Adherence to safety procedures and company processes / policies is a strong attribute to have in any industry. Many employers choose our assessments to find candidates that they can be sure will have no problem adhering to company policies and processes who also understand the importance of safety procedures.

Attention to Detail

Any industry that deals with creating an end-line product requires a keen attention to detail. Candidates are tested on their ability to spot mistakes and errors in content throughout the application process. How well candidates complete the application process is also taken into consideration when determining a candidate’s attention to detail.

Situational Awareness

Manufacturing industries often deal with machinery and situations that require employees to have a high level of situational awareness. Failure to do so can result in injuries and a product that isn’t up to standards. Situational awareness is a key trait in a successful candidate and is taken into account when screening candidates.

Job Knowledge

Given the complexity of many manufacturing positions, employers often are on the lookout for candidates who can offer a strong understanding of the manufacturing field. Candidates who have a deep understanding of how the industry work are often able to quickly align with company policies and practices and tend to excel in company-specific assessments.