Insurance Job Tests

Improve hiring success rates and drive revenue with insurance job tests. Insurance companies and insurance agencies use insurance job tests to identify candidates who possess the unique set of qualities that inspire customer loyalty, uphold the organization image, and drive revenue. You can use Interviewed’s assessments to create a set of insurance job tests to get the most out of your hiring process.

Insurance Assessments

Finding highly productive salespeople is critical to success and firms rely on sales skills tests to identify them. The sales tests can be paired with general job readiness tests and cognitive aptitude tests, among others. Together, your set of insurance job tests will enable you to find candidates who excel at clear communication, problem-solving, and learning.

Popular Assessments

Employers in the insurance industries recognize how important excellent customer retention, soft skills, and interpersonal skills are to their customers’ happiness. Companies use our assessments to create their package of insurance job tests to identify top agents that will succeed in their role in the insurance field. Our simulations assist in finding candidates with top marks across all desired traits and attributes.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are what can make or a break a sale or customer service interaction, yet they’re hard skills to search for in traditional interview settings. Skills such as emotional intelligence, decision making, communication, leadership and other important skills come through in multiple simulations and assessments. Employers can see their candidates put their skills into action and have a chance to review them before moving them forward in the process.

Customer Retention

Stressful situations present themselves any time a customer is frustrated. Customer retention is made possible by capable representatives who understand that customers are the lifeblood of a company. Retaining the customer and winning back their loyalty isn’t always easy, but is almost always necessary when customers are considering other providers. Candidates demonstrate their customer retention skills in multiple assessments and simulations provided by Interviewed so that employers can have an educated insight into how their future employees will perform in similar situations.

Job Knowledge

Insurance is a complex field that customers are often confused by. Candidates with a strong understanding of insurance (from the basics to the fine print) are able to ease some of the frustration and confusion that accompanies any situation where complex situations need to be explained in layman’s terms. Companies are in search of candidates with demonstrated job knowledge as it

Cognitive Aptitude

Simple and complex reasoning ability is important in any role, but especially important when in a role that deals with risk vs. reward. Insurance companies find our cognitive ability tests to be a strong predictor of success when paired with our other simulations. Candidates are tested on their numerical ability, working memory, logical reasoning and verbal reasoning in a scored environment.