Hospitality Job Tests

Improve quality of hire and find stronger candidates by employing hospitality job tests in your process. Hotels, casinos, and resort destinations depend on employment tests to select employees with exceptional customer service skills. Interviewed makes the hospitality job tests that will empower you to create a winning hospitality team.

Hospitality Assessments

In the hospitality industry, customer service orientation tests are widely used to select the very best candidates. The tests screen for applicants who treat guests with patience and courtesy. Furthermore, job-readiness assessments test basic skills in communication, mathematics, and problem-solving. Candidates who clear the bar in the application phase go on to experience greater success in training, higher productivity, and lower turnover.

Popular Assessments

Companies in the hospitality industry understand how crucial excellent customer service is to the well-being of their customers. Using our hospitality job tests, employers are able to find candidates with a genuine desire to provide top-notch customer service and a proven record of doing just that. Our simulations provide a real-world insight into how candidates will perform in the roles they’re being hired for.

Customer Service

Candidates who genuinely enjoy providing exceptional customer service often perform best in real-world hospitality roles. We design our customer service and hospitality job tests to find those individuals. Employers can quickly identify candidates who understand the role, embrace the responsibilities, and have the emotional hardiness to withstand many potentially frustrating and stressful scenarios. Candidates are asked to complete simulations that can include phone calls, emails, and chats and are faced with unpredictable and sometimes frustrated customers. Employers will then be able to predict how candidates would perform in actual stressful scenarios and can make educational and informed decisions based on the candidate’s performance.

Technical Knowledge

New technology is always being used in different hospitality roles which is why testing for technical skills and knowledge is such an important part of the hiring process for many companies in the hospitality industry. Quickly identify which candidates have a strong technical background alongside a passion for customer service and experience reduced turnover and higher productivity.

Situational Awareness

Hospitality workers are often placed in situations that require a high level of situational judgment and empathy. Customer service fiascos can be avoided if an employee has the emotional understanding to defuse and control a situation. Our situational judgment assessments help in determining which candidates will succeed in stressful situations.

Problem Solving

What’s another huge aspect of customer service? Solving problems! Candidates are tested on their problem solving skills throughout many of the assessments they take. Simulations and standardized tests provide a multi-level view into the different methods a candidate uses to solve the issues they are faced with. Dimensions such as speed, accuracy, comprehension, and professionalism are all taken into consideration when considering the ideal candidate.