Healthcare Job Tests

Improve healthcare hiring, service, and retention by using healthcare job tests to find the right applicants. Drive better patient care and outcomes while increasing operating margins. Having the right people in place means lower readmission rates and customers who share their positive outcome stories. In this fiercely competitive market, the quality of your team means everything.

Healthcare Assessments

Doctors, dentists, home health care, and hospitals use job assessments to identify the strongest candidates and reduce turnover. Having the prerequisite knowledge and technical skills is not enough, because patient-facing employees should also be able to deliver exceptional customer service. Many healthcare providers rely on customer service orientation assessments for roles such as medical assistants, billing managers, and receptionists. Standardized job assessments are able to measure fundamental communication, math, and problem-solving skills as well as personality traits that select staff who are friendly, cooperative, and helpful to your patients.

Popular Assessments

Many of our customers interested in scaling up a qualified workforce (in a short period of time) use a combination of tailored assessments to select their best candidates. Our assessments are dynamic and change to fit the individual needs of every employer. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you build an excellent team.

Technical Skills

The healthcare industry is always looking towards the future and as such, needs employees who can handle the newest technology. Providers will have multiple opportunities to review a candidate’s technical skills in traditional Q&A environments as well as simulated environments. Employers can also work with Interviewed to create simulations that mirror software used in the healthcare industry to get a better look at how quickly candidates can pick up new software.

Standardized Assessments

A tried and true form, standardized assessments assist healthcare providers in identifying candidates who have the necessary communication, problem-solving, and mathematical skills to excel at the position. These assessments can be dictated in many different forms but aid in moving candidates with strong backgrounds forward in the hiring process.

Customer Service

Customer service orientation is a large part of any healthcare role. Finding candidates who not only have the required technical skills but the customer service skills to follow is rough, but our assessments quickly identify those who excel in both areas. Simulated phone call, email, and chat environments find where candidates succeed and where they fall short in a matter of minutes.

Job Knowledge

Job Knowledge is important in any role, but is especially important when dealing with the well-being of others. Having a strong understanding of the field is important and candidates will have the chance to demonstrate how well they understand the role and the responsibilities of that role. Video interviews, standardized tests, and simulated environments can all assist in identifying candidates with a deep understanding of their role.