Freelancer Job Tests

Hire the most qualified on-demand workforce. Top start-ups trust Interviewed to help them find energetic and reliable freelancers and independent contractors. Companies like Thumbtack and Uber use our job assessments and simulations to reduce time to hire, identify qualified candidates, and increase pipeline productivity.

Freelancer Job Assessments

Our customers in search of an on-demand workforce look for key traits in their ideal candidates:
  • Ability to quickly understand job training and practices
  • Communicate effectively with teammates and clients
  • Flexible schedules and availability
Our customers often use a combination of standard job and communications skills tests with role-specific tests for the varied roles that they offer. These assessments measure not only basic and complex job skills but personality traits that are indicative of success in start-up and support roles.Ideal candidates arrive with significant field knowledge so you can reduce time spent on training contractors. Qualified candidates need to be strong self-starters who maintain high productivity without on-site supervision. Finally,identifying adaptability is important for those multi-faceted, sometimes ambiguous, roles that draw on different skillsets.

Popular Assessments

Many of our customers interested in scaling up a qualified workforce (in a short period of time) use a combination of tailored assessments to select their best candidates. Our assessments are dynamic and change to fit the individual needs of every employer. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you build an excellent team.

Interactive Job Previews

Often in search of multi-talented freelancers who can quickly learn the ropes, companies like Thumbtack and Clara use Interviewed to test candidates in simulated environments that resemble the kinds of programs that current employees use on a day to day basis. By seeing a candidate perform the job they’ll be doing, employers gain a greater understanding of who they’re pushing through the pipeline.

Situational Judgement

Situational awareness and judgment is crucial to success in often ambiguous environments. Many employers choose Situational Judgement assessments to determine how candidates will react in difficult or stressful situations. These assessments can be a combination of multiple choice, open-answer, video or audio recorded answers.

Cognitive Ability

Problem solving and critical thinking skills are useful in almost any context and especially useful in understanding company procedures, policies, and practices in a small period of time. When scaling up a qualified team, employers want to ensure that new employees will be able to tackle difficult problems independently and as part of a team. Testing cognitive ability allows employers to gain insight into how candidates will work through complex issues in different scenarios.

Personality Tests

Hiring employees that can handle the responsibilities of the job is always important, but ensuring that candidates fit well with the culture of the company is crucial. Personality tests help to pinpoint key personality traits that indicate great culture fit. The tests can be multiple choice, open-answer, or a combination of company methods used to find ideal candidates.