Finance Job Tests

To hire the best employees, banks and credit unions use finance job tests to gain efficiency and effectiveness. One of the most common roles is for bank tellers and Interviewed uses two assessments to screen prospective employees: the financial skills job assessment and the customer service orientation test.

Finance Assessments

These tests help clarify that your representatives have fundamental mathematics and communications skills, are attentive to details and procedures, and communicate clearly with customers. Tests use scoring ranges to predict candidates who will succeed in training and experience lower attrition. The personality tests use industry benchmarks for the financial services industry to select employees who will be patient, cooperate, and courteous with customers.

For other roles including loan and mortgage officers, credit card processors, and investment analysts, mounting regulatory oversight have increased the value of hiring employees with strong problem solving skills and attention to detail. Here, cognitive aptitude tests measure candidates’ ability to learn new information quickly and apply it logically to real-world problems.

Popular Assessments

Many of our customers in the financial sector use our unique assessments to quickly identify their strongest candidates. Our assessments can be taken as is or customized to fit your company’s needs, especially if you have similar roles with small differences.

Interactive Job Previews

Interactive Job Previews allow employers to get a glimpse into how a candidate will function in a real world situation. Candidates are asked to perform tasks that they’d perform in the role they’re being hired for. We do this by creating a simulation that mirrors the environment they’ll be working in. Our simulations include phone, email, chat, spreadsheet, and more.

Situational Judgement

Situational awareness is always important, especially in the financial sector. Candidates who display markers of superior attention to detail and situational judgment often perform better in real world scenarios. Our situational judgment tests assist in determining which candidates excel in those scenarios.

Personality Test

Sensitive information is often handled in the financial industry which means that any employee hired for financial companies need to have employees that they can trust. Personality tests assist in determining which candidates have the skills and the personality to be a perfect fit for your team.

Job Knowledge

Knowledge of basic job skills is always important when considering new employees. Candidates are asked to show their skills through various assessments that test their current job knowledge. This will help to identify candidates that may be new to the field or candidates who haven’t stayed up to date on changes in the field.