Educator Job Tests

Streamline and improve hiring for your education institution or enterprise with educator job tests. Education providers including elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities use Interviewed assessments to create their own set of educator job tests. These educator job tests add efficiency to, and maximize the effectiveness of their hiring process.

Education Industry Assessments

Colleges and schools that have turned to Interviewed for clerical and administrative job tests can now also use educator job tests to find those bright, passionate educators and teachers that make the difference in the classroom. When hiring for non-teaching roles, institutions use skills tests to look for:

  • High level of computer and typing skills
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated job skills and industry knowledge

When organization budgets are constrained, standardized testing solutions are a cost-effective way to increase quality of hire and efficiency.

Popular Assessments

Education employers use our assessments to identify the best candidates who meet all of their desired criteria. Employers can pick and choose which of our custom assessments they’d like to use or have the option to use their own assessments. Those seeking to quickly identify qualified candidates find success in our platform, and find our educator job tests a powerful part of their hiring process.

Job Skills

Employers in the educational field can find employees who demonstrate mastery of both basic and complex job skills. Our varied assessments will test candidates on basic, complex, social, and technical skills and will identify those who will excel at later stages in the interview process.

Situational Judgement

Situational awareness and judgment is beneficial in any environment that can sometimes be unpredictable. Many employers select Situational Judgement tests to determine how future employees will handle difficult or stressful situations. These assessments can also help to determine a candidate’s empathetic & interpersonal skills when dealing with frustrated or upset coworkers, parents, or students.

Cognitive Ability

Often times unexpected situations require employees to think on their feet and utilize strong problem solving skills. Our cognitive ability assessments test candidates on their problem solving skills in both simple and complex situations. Employers are given the opportunity to choose candidates who will perform the best in uncertain situations and scenarios.

Personality Tests

Personality tests are a great way to determine how future employees will handle certain situations, how they’ll interact with those around them, and what their goals and preferences are. Educational providers will be able to select the candidates who will fit best on their teams and will be able to quickly identify candidates with desired traits.