Call Center Job Tests

Hire more productive representatives and reduce turnover by using call center job tests. Customer service tests increase retention and customer satisfaction scores while lowering average handle time. Technical support tests help you hire employees with the technical skills to hit the ground running and be highly productive. Drive higher revenue per employee by selecting candidates with the right sales personality and skills using sales development tests.

Contact Center Tests

Industry-leading contact centers trust Interviewed to help them hire high-performing sales, customer service, and technical support representatives. Our customers use our job assessments to increase productivity, shorten recruiting timelines, and cut employee turnover rates. The call centers use a combination of job skills tests and personality assessments to create a set of call center job tests that ensure that their new hires:

  • Follow complex procedures and are detail-oriented
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with prospects or prospects.
  • Learn quickly and retain job training.

Contact centers that are interested in building a qualified team trust Interviewed to put their candidates to the test. Our simulations and assessments help to organize often cluttered and unqualified pipelines, increase pipeline productivity, and assist in finding highly qualified candidates.

Popular Assessments

Many of our customers interested in scaling up a qualified workforce (in a short period of time) use a combination of tailored assessments to select their best candidates. Our assessments are dynamic and change to fit the individual needs of every employer. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you build an excellent team.

Interactive Job Previews

Finding candidates who will excel in a call center can be difficult through the traditional interview and hiring process. Our interactive job previews offer employers an insight into how their candidates will perform in the role they’re being hired for. By using job previews, employers gain a greater understanding of who they’re pushing through the pipeline without having to sift through their resumes.

Situational Judgement

Situational awareness is critical to success in high-stress, high-volume environments. Candidates can be tested on how well they handle these environments and how well they can adapt to different situations, even those with time constraints. Employers interested in finding employees who have a high level of adaptability while keeping within company guidelines will find value in our situational judgment assessments.

Integrity & Honesty

Customers want to know that they can trust the Customer Service Representatives who are handling their accounts. Private and sensitive information is often dealt with in a call center and employees need to have a high degree of integrity and honesty. Employers also want to ensure that they’re hiring someone they can depend on. These traits can be predicted through assessments, far better than through a resume.

Job Skills

Knowledge of basic job skills is always important when considering new employees. Contact centers will be able to find candidates with a high level of on the job knowledge with the ability to actively demonstrate those skills. Candidates are asked to handle real world situations and tested on how well they use their skills in different situations. In place of traditional interviews, our simulations help to show those skills in action.