All-in-one recruiting software to hire the best candidates, faster and easier. Interviewed can handle everything from sourcing through onboarding. The intuitive design is easy to start and a customizable features let “power users” build an ideal experience.

English Proficiency Tests

Measure spoken and written English skills automatically. Indeed Assessments can help you easily evaluate a candidate’s spoken or written answers and assess their fluency and command of the English language.

Typing Test

Measure a candidate’s speed and accuracy when typing a simple paragraph. The test offers an insight into how quickly a candidate will be able to craft correspondence and how many errors it might contain based on their typing speed.

Customer Service Skills Test

Let candidates experience the reality of a day on the job. Put your candidates in challenging work situations that mirror the reality of the job and see how they perform. See how they close support tickets, problem solve or manage customer service issues in a simulated environment.

Problem Solving Test

Problem solving and critical thinking skills are useful in almost any context and especially useful in understanding company procedures, policies, and practices. Testing cognitive ability allows employers to gain insight into how candidates will work through complex issues in different scenarios.

Scheduling Skills Test

Understand a candidate’s ability to schedule an appointment between participants who have varying time zones and schedule constraints. Candidates are scored on the quality of their email response, their ability to suggest an appropriate meeting time (keeping in mind all of the schedule constraints), and their overall professionalism.

Attention to Detail Test

Accuracy and quality are customer expectations that require proper attention to detail. Assess candidates on their ability to take appropriate time completing key tasks and ensuring no errors to maintain your credibility inside and outside your organization.

Organizational Skills Test

Organizational skills are helpful in understanding how employees prioritize and organize their tasks. Testing for organizational skills allows employers to gain insight into how candidates will prioritize and manage their time.