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Assessment-powered hiring automation.

Identify the strongest candidates and cut your time-to-hire in half with our pre-built job assessment library.

Assessment Library

A complete library of assessments and structured interviews

Start with targeted recommendations from the hundreds of pre-built job assessments, work samples, job simulations, phone interviews, and video interviews. Or, you can use our powerful assessment builder to create your own tailored job assessments. Whatever you need to evaluate, the library has it covered.
Job Skill Tests

Assess job-readiness with skill and knowledge tests

Find candidates who’ve mastered the knowledge and skills to be job-ready. The test library begins with foundational skills like language, math, customer service, and sales and continues on to advanced skills for specific jobs.
English Proficiency

Measure spoken English verbal skills automatically

Interviewed can listen to candidates’ spoken answers over the phone or computer and assess their verbal fluency level. Score are available in seconds. The underlying natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models work for more than just English — they can be used to evaluate proficiency in 12 international languages.
Cognitive & Psychometric Tests

Learn candidates’ personality and cognitive profiles

Find candidates who demonstrate the optimum mix of personality traits and cognitive aptitude for the job. Tests of emotional intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and work-styles have a demonstrated history of predicting future job performance, especially in team settings.
Job Previews

Let candidates experience the reality of a day on the job

Put your candidates in challenging work situations that mirror the reality of the job and see how they perform. Watch them close support tickets, prospect for leads, build spreadsheets, write code, and even talk to AI-powered simulated customers on the phone. These realistic job previews help candidates self-identify if the job is right for them.
Video & Phone Interviews

Automate time-consuming screening calls

Create custom screening processes in seconds by adding professionally-recorded questions from our library. These interviews can be audio-only over the phone or video interviews using mobile phones or computers. Easily add new questions by just typing in a prompt or uploading your own content.
Programming Tests

Run executable code in the browser with real-world programming scenarios

Our programming environments let developers work with the code editor and operating systems they’re already comfortable with as they solve real-world engineering situations.